Be pleasantly surprised like Randy
if you have tried other legacy system:

I like the ease of installation that requires little to no configuration after the fact,
and how lightweight the application is!
— Randy H.; U.S.

All our installers and main executable files are digitally signed by Verisign, and guaranteed free from virus, malware, adware or any malicious program.

Run-Time Engine

Download Ecava-IGX

“The most powerful SCADA Animation Graphic Editor ever!”

“Very nice adaptation of Inkscape for SCADA usage.”

Development Tool

Download SAGE
  • The browser written based on Chromium – Secure, Compatible & Reliable.
  • All-in-one easy deployment, no cumbersome registry configuration.
  • Convert your thin client app to thick client instantly!
  • Built-in command line for auto-startup URL.
  • Protect beyond browser’s extension or plugin could offer.
  • Stop user from quitting¬†your web app without using special keyboard.

Protect your workstation

Download Kioskit