Ecava IGX is a HTML5 + CSS3 compliant fully functional web-based SCADA. It’s a real web SCADA that works across all modern browsers on various platforms.

Works instantly without downloading anything!

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What is Web-based SCADA?

A pure web SCADA can display all mimic animation and control, trending, alarm, report and so on directly and securely in any modern browsers that you like. You don’t have to download any cumbersome proprietary plugin that using activeX, applet, silverlight, and so on. Find out more on this white paper: “What is Web SCADA?

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A fully functional SCADA that amazingly simplified. Download and install in less than 1 minute. Legacy SCADAs are difficult to install & setup, conceptually challenging & complicated to configure. SCADA should not be build as complicated as how legacy SCADAs which have very steep learning curve, IGX was build from ground up with user friendliness in mind, all U.I. are self-explained with fool-proof features. Experience how easy to pick up the new generation of SCADA .

We served multiple projects from different industries, significantly saved time and money, and brilliantly boosted efficiency.

We Strive to Provide the Leanest & Most Stable Solutions

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T.Ü.V. Certification

IGX’s safety aspect, excellent quality, UX/usability are audited neutrally and certified with T.U.V. Rheinland stringent requirements & specifications. We also collaborate closely with US-CERT to ensure all security issues are well addressed.

Money Back Guarantee

If IntegraXor does not meet your expectations, we will honor theIntegraXor Money-back Guarantee..

SCADA with 10 year warranty

10 Year Warranty

The only SCADA that giving you this level of peace of mind. We have provided excellent support for the past 10 years,  and we will continue to assure and commit to support your business for another decade.


One of the obvious advantage of Web SCADA is the utilization of open vector image format SVG. As oppose to legacy SCADA, you may zoom into any mimic that drew in SVG without losing any details. However, traditional SCADA’s mimic will become pixelated. Best of all, Ecava IGX equipped with auto-fit feature so what you have drawn in office will appear perfectly fit at site machine even they are of different resolution. You no longer need to rework on those unnecessary painful distorted mimics. Check out and enjoy the beauty of SVG.

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Zooming effect between raster image and SVG format on Web SCADA

Installed in more than hundred of sites and counting!

  • We are very content with the software we bought 2 months ago. Now we want to use the software on multiple places.

    Alex Otter; Access Innovations bv; Netherlands Netherlands

  • So far my experience with Integraxor has been one of the best I've had with any software vendor. Very easy to implement, very user friendly, no hiccups with programming, licensing, or integration. I love the fact that it's all in one, no separate OPC server programs needed. If you guys ever need a reference in the United States, just let me know.

    Andy Jones; Lakefront Brewery Inc.; United States United States

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