Installed in more than hundred of sites and counting!

  • We are manufacturer in Process Instrumentation in India (Kolkata). We have tried out your SCADA Software with our Instruments and we are very well satisfied with its performance.

    Laxman Patil; Micro Systems & Controls; India India

  • We are very content with the software we bought 2 months ago. Now we want to use the software on multiple places.

    Alex Otter; Access Innovations bv; Netherlands Netherlands

  • So far my experience with Integraxor has been one of the best I've had with any software vendor. Very easy to implement, very user friendly, no hiccups with programming, licensing, or integration. I love the fact that it's all in one, no separate OPC server programs needed. If you guys ever need a reference in the United States, just let me know.

    Andy Jones; Lakefront Brewery Inc.; United States United States

  • Let me first congratulates about your great HMI system. It's such a easy to learn and highest interactive HMI that we have meet.

    Erdet Nasufi Republic of Serbia Republic of Serbia

  • So far honestly I think they have near on the best support of all the SCADAs i have worked with.

    Melissa Frahn; CHS Group; Australia Australia

  • ... my new dear toy integraXor. I must say it again: I LIKE THIS SOFTWARE. It is intuitive, easy to work with

    Marius Buhociu; Siselec; Romania Romania

  • Firstly, it’s look simply and effective, furthermore it’s easy for implementation with our projects.

    Daniel Cáncer; Mexico Mexico

  • It's a great product. I've relied on it for over a year now and recommend it to anyone needing a solid SCADA.

    David Cowell; Grass Valley; United States United States

  • Incredible, beautiful, understandable, professional! Your product IntegraXor is very high quality! you are very talented people.

    Danko Dima; International Aluminum Company; Russia Russia