• The browser written based on Chromium – Secure, Compatible & Reliable.
  • All-in-one easy deployment, no cumbersome registry configuration.
  • Convert your thin client app to thick client instantly!
  • Built-in command line for auto-startup URL.
  • Protect beyond browser’s extension or plugin could offer.
  • Stop user from quitting your web app without using special keyboard.

Protect your workstation

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Kiosk-it as Thick Client for SCADA

  • Protection: Keyboard are locked from exiting or closing the SCADA mimic, even pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del or Alt+F4 will require SCADA’s user credential.
  • Deployment: Only one simple installation of Kiosk-kit program on the server itself
  • Access: Always full screen, F11 function key is disabled.
  • Compatible: Absolutely NO proprietary plugin, extension, or tweaking needed, just the Kiosk-it itself.

Use Kiosk-it for Your SCADA

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