Ecava DIOT Gateway is an edge device specifically designed from the ground up to compliment cloud SCADA for the IOT era. The DIOT series could instantly enable any on-site system to integrate with IIoT or cloud systems with minimal cost.

The DIOT series could function more than protocol converters at both hardware and software levels. The main benefits shall be the capability to distribute the workload from server to the client side so that you can easily scale up your entire system without adding proportional burden to the server. This means you can save your cost in investing more to the server when you need to scale up the IO count.

The DIOT series will perform data transfer on push mechanism based on change rather than keep on polling data. This will reduce the network bandwidth and reduce the needs of processing power on the server side, and eventually save more cost. Nevertheless you still have the flexibility to put the device into a pull mechanism, e.g. Modbus slave to cater for the legacy requirement.


The distributed IOT device doesn’t need to work in slow VPN but can work with dynamic IP, so you don’t have to have fixed IP at site to connect to the server or cloud. Lastly, all DIOT series can be assigned with UID and password protection before allowing them to connect to the server through the firewall.

The DIOT Gateway can be configured using a provided friendly programming tool. The configuration is seamlessly integrated with IGX SCADA, because there’s no additional mapping configuration nor data parsing logic needed in Ecava IGX except adding the required tag name into the virtual tag.



● Multiple protocols are supported and can function as protocols converter.
● Data update is event oriented to save bandwidth and processing power.
● Offload SCADA engine data polling task, to scale up the entire project IO size.
● No fixed IP needed at edge/node to connect to the server or cloud.
● Either RS485 and RS232 can be selected to suit various applications.
● Built-in 4G modem for 8514X4 to save space and avoid additional cost and failing point.
● Supports store and forward when connection is down.
● Currently supported protocols are Modbus, DLT645, Siemens S7-200 PPI, BacNet, CJ188 as of December 2019.

Hardware Specification

Ethernet Port 100/10 MBS Auto MDI/MDIX Dual-Level Lightning Protection supports Level 3.2kV protection for 10/700uS; tested in GB/T 17626.5-2008 Standard.
Serial Port Fully isolated RS-232 ports that supports transceiver indicators; with RS-285 on three levels of protection.
Ethernet/Serial ±15kV human body model
±15kV IEC1000-4.2 Air Discharge
Power Port Supports 2 types of power port at DC 9~36V; AC 9~24V
1) Standard 5.08mm spacing, 3 pin EU terminal
2) DC power connector type-A, 5.5*2.1mm
Moisture 20~90%
Temperature 40~85 °C

Model Comparison

Parameter/Model 8512X4 8514X 8524Y
CPU ARM926EJ 300MHz ARM926EJ 240MHz ARM 4 Core A9 1.4Ghz
NAND Flash Onboard SLC 128MB SLC 128MB MLC eMMC 8GB
Ethernet Port 1 1 2
Serial Port 2 4 4
RS-232/RS-485 Either One Either One RS-485 only
GSM 4G SMA Port 1 0 0
Power ≤ 5W ≤3W ≤ 5W
Weight (g) 370 210 230
Size (w*h*d) mm³ 116*89*27 122*84*27 114*80*27