DIOT SCADA – Let machines talk TM

Decoupled IOT SCADA, which is abbreviated as DIOT SCADA, is decoupling a typical SCADA into Host and Node for IoT era. A Host only serving users with mimic screens, whereas a Node works on the rest of the SCADA operations. This mean HMI is taken away from SCADA, leaving the rest of the modules like I/O, Alarm or Report working independently in the Node and feeding data as and when needed to the Host.

Traditional SCADA is typically having all functionalities and modules bundled in a all-in-one package and installed within 1 machine. The most distributed architecture is to setup remote I/O gateway, or having external database server. However, the critical functionalities of a SCADA system like Alarm, Logic Report generation and other SCADA functionalities still refrained within one box. Bundling everything together would impose network topology constraint to the IoT era, whereby Internet of Things need to be working independently and talking to each other freely.

Why Decoupled SCADA?

Decoupled SCADA giving you the utmost flexibility to place your SCADA Server at ordinary network, or anywhere in the cloud, even the most resource scarce web hosting environment. Decoupling a SCADA taking away critical processes and functionalities from traditional SCADA server that putting the entire system into the cloud or VPS, which provides a superb flexibility and yet improved security and safety. Keeping all necessary operations and components to where they belong.

Once the Host or mimic is decoupled from the SCADA backbone, you will have the total flexibility to design your system architecture in any way and to place the components to anywhere you like. In fact, decoupling could very well mean decentralizing. You may freely add or remove devices, rearrange facilities, restructure network topology, upgrade any portion of the hardware without interrupting the entire system. Moreover, you will have the complete freedom to choose your preferred IoT compliant sensor/devices from any vendor.

How to choose between DIOT and IGX SCADA?


  • You need to have a massively scalable system.
  • You need to have a MQTT as the backbone.
  • You need crossed-device and multi platform SCADA.
  • You need to host your SCADA in common CPanel web hosting.
  • You have devices distributed across large geographical area.
  • You need a very IoT oriented SCADA.


  • You want to have all-in-one easy installation package.
  • You prefer centralized architecture.
  • You need very friendly Windows environment.
  • You prefer to host your SCADA in VPS.
  • You have traditional polling based RTU/devices that installed in local network.
  • Simpler approach is just nice for your project.